At Aesthetic Laser Center, our sole focus is on client care. We proudly provide a highly trained staff of licensed and experienced Estheticians and a Nurse Practitioner. All Aesthetic Laser consultations are conducted by qualified licensed Estheticians who have had extensive experience in laser treatments, cosmetics and skin care.

We are committed to providing you with the safest and most comfortable and effective treatment course available in the market today.

Aesthetic Laser Center Can Help You:
–Rejuvenate Your Skin Tone and Texture
–Enhance and Emphasize Your Features
–Correct Skin Imperfections

All with the latest and safest skin care technology!

With a Safe and Effective Treatment Plan You Can:

  • Eliminate unwanted hair
  • Remove sunspots
  • Erase visible veins
  • Diminish scars
  • Combat signs of aging
  • End the daily routine of applying makeup

…and much more!

ATTENTION: Dear clients, we have moved upstairs to suite 201